Sarah Bandy

Holistic Health & Beauty Expert

Certified Health & Life Coach

I’m an Austin native, mom to a brilliant young woman, dog mom to a sweet rescue pup, moderately skilled swing dancer, and the world's slowest jogger.


My main interests lie in holistic wellness, self-care, and trauma recovery which took root during an extremely difficult phase of my life. After developing a life-altering illness, I took a step back from the Beauty Industry.


During this time of healing, I was forced to reexamine my priorities, habits, and behaviors to find my footing again. Stress, poor nutrition, excessive alcohol consumption all played a major role in my predicament. But toxic friendships, an abusive relationship, and a lifetime of resentment and shame were also huge factors.


I believe words have power and that sharing our experiences with others is a necessary part of healing. My goal for the Get It Together community is to create a platform for sharing hard-earned wisdom, asking difficult questions, and sifting through the self-help “fluff” to find practical ways of managing self-care.