Jess Kennedy

Certified Health & Life Coach

Owner of J. Kennedy Consulting

I’m a proud dog-mom and personal development junkie just like you. I live in sunny, crowded, Austin, Texas with my husband and our fluffy senior pomhuahua, Mishka.


When I'm not working on the podcast, I'm crushing it at my 9-to-5 in finance marketing, and building my consulting business one project at a time. 

I get nerdy about all things self-help, productivity, and #lifehacking, and thought I should probably share some of the random tidbits of useful knowledge I've picked up over the years with my community.


Co-hosting the Get It Together podcast with Sarah has been an amazing experience for me, simultaneously scratching the itches to help others who face some of the things I've been working through, as well as listening to the sound of my own voice.

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